Different Types of Wood Jigs

The majority of knowledgeable woodworkers have various types of wood jigs they employ over and over again. Usage of jigs can make the repeated cutting out of the exact same shape a simpler task. Jigs are economical, however experienced woodworkers make their own. Design templates are readily available to develop jigs in your own store.


These jigs are used for making dovetail joints, and a typical bought template will permit you to make 12 various sizes. To make dovetail joints for cabinets, drawers and boxes you need to utilize a saw and router. A dovetail saw is utilized to cut the joint. These saws have very thin blades for accurate cutting.


This is a self-centering wood jig used for making dowels. Sizes are offered from a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch. It is utilized to “cut” thick wood into the desired shape. Dowel jig sets are readily available with numerous options.


A tapering jig is utilized to make a cut that gets gradually deeper. It is used primarily in creating table legs.


A staircase jig is utilized in the production of stringers, which are the structural assistance aspects for a stairs’s treads and risers.

Always utilize affordable or scrap wood to make your own jigs, considering that they might not be utilized for another project and are generally customized made for the task at hand.